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Started by ~Nia~Teppelin~
(2014-04-03 07:27:49)
~Nia~Teppelin~ (2014-04-03 07:27:49)
Hello new or old users, this thread was made specifically to help you understand a little bit more about what to do if you want your profile customized!

Explaination: Profile design is specifically made in order to make your profile pop and make it the way you want to, also it lets you show off a little to other users and maybe some might be jealous!

There are two ways you can go to make your profile nice.

1)Make it by yourself:

-If you wanna do it by yourself be sure to check out the threads specifically made for profile help.

Example: illa's profile guide or any other styling guide.
illa's guide
Gray's guide
SPCOxion's guide

-Another thing you can do is ask other users or Profile moderators for profile codes, you can also look at users profiles to see some ideas or brainstorm and ask them kindly in chat or via pm.

Example: "Hey that (Insert what part of profile here) is awesome, do you think you could give me the code?"

2)Let Profile moderators do it for you.

-The job pronounced itself a profile moderator does your profile for you. (This is very helpful if you have no computer access at all!)
Just simply ask a moderator via pm or chat.

Example: "Profile moderators can you please do my profile for me?"

*Note: Profile moderators are very busy most of the time so you may have to wait!

Other info:

Only let the Profile moderators do your profile!

Please don't let regular users do your profile(This is for account safety reasons!), they may seem all kind and all but most try to con you into it so they can access your account. Just simply ask them to give you codes instead unless you don't want to do your profile at all.

List of Profile moderators

List of all Profile moderators can be found here

Thats pretty much it appreciate if this helps you or was helpful at anything, GOOD LUCK NEW PLAZIANS!


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RobertABC (2014-04-03 12:27:20)
Very good[Sticky]
~Nia~Teppelin~ (2014-04-03 14:14:58)

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Thank you very much ^v^

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RobertABC (2014-04-03 15:22:15)
DarthLordX (2014-04-03 18:09:41)
DarthLordX (2014-04-03 18:29:43)
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Perfect_Chaos (2014-04-03 19:50:41)
little5 (2014-04-03 21:05:14)
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This can really help new users out. I'm not sure when people PM new users they should link them helpful threads. c:

It'd be nice if you linked "This Plaza", "New Members", and a good profile customizing guide. (:
RobertABC (2014-04-03 21:13:39)
Grays styling guide is good too.
~Nia~Teppelin~ (2014-04-03 21:17:54)
@little5Thanks for the advice!

@RobertABC I will add that when I can
Gumball (2014-07-24 15:52:23)
Woo! Love it! /
Tiara88345 (2014-09-03 00:00:33)
this is weird/confusing for me : is that an old man saying he's a Princess ?
Love, Tiara

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