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Codes I use (Requested)
Started by (ExoticModz)
(2016-08-12 15:14:37)
(ExoticModz) (2016-08-12 15:14:37)

Some Of These Codes Are CSS3

Make sure to delete the spaces This code makes you put works before/ After your friends names!
[ style]a.friend_links:before{color:Lime; content:'Words Here ';}[/style ]

This code makes the Text on your profile be on the Left, Right, or Center!
[ style].content{text-align:center;}[/style ]

[ style]a.friend_links:after{color:Color here; content:'words here ';}[/style ]

[ Style]body{background-color:color here;}[/style ]

[ style]h2:before{content:'Words here ';color:color here;}[/style ]

[ style]h2:after{content:' Words here';color:color here;}[/style ]
[ style]div{background:url('Img URL here');}[/style ]

[ Style]body{background-color:color here;}[/style ]

[ style]body{background:url('Img URL Here');}[/style ]

Puts a img as your comment boxes!

[ style].commentbox_1{color:color here;background-image:url(IMG URL HERE);}[/style ]

Puts a img as your second comment box
[ Style].commentbox_2{color:color here;background-image:url(IMG URL HERE);}[/style ]
Sets as a signature on your profile
[ style].signature{content:Words here;}[/style ]
Make the words on your profile Turn Rainbow. Ps You can change the colors but could cause Lag or slow color changing
[ style]@-webkit-keyframes color{0%{color:red}20%{color:yellow}40%{color:green}60%{color:cyan}80%{color:blue}100%{color:magenta;}}.content{-webkit-animation:color 1s infinite linear;}[/style ]
Changes the font on your profile
[ Style].content{font-family:times new roman;}[/style ]
Changes the member menu to what ever color you want
[ Style]div.members_menu{background-color:color here;}[/style ]

[ Style]{color:grey;background:color here; border:5px ridge silver;}[/style ]--
These two codes below are the codes (Just a helping codes really
[ Style]{color:color here;content:' Words Here ';}[/style ]

[ Style ]{color:Color here;content:' Words Here ';}[/style ]

Changes the 3dsplaza picture to what ever color you wantIt works for me
[style ]img.header{height:0px}div.header{height:200px;background-color:Color Here;}[/style ]
Changes the signature part 2 of it First signature code dont work for me
[ style].signature:before{color:color here;content:'Words Here';}[/style ]--
This is for you comment title so it would look like 'Leave a few Comments here'
[ style]div.titlebox:before{color:color here;content:'Words Here ';}[/style ]--
Same codes as above but it is a after code
[ style]div.titlebox:after{color:color here;content:' Words Here ';}[/style ]
These codes go together make the background go from red to black back to red
[style ]* {font-family: "Roboto", sans-serif;}[/style ]
[style ].cdiv_actuallyfree { position: absolute; }[/style ]
[ style].cdiv_actuallyfree img { position: fixed; z-index: 10000; top: 0px; left: 0px; }[/style ]
[style ]@import url(;[/style ]
[style ]@import ',100i,300,300i,400,400i,500,500i,700,700i,900,900i&subset=cyrillic,cyrillic-ext,greek,greek-ext,latin-ext,vietnamese';[/style ]

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2016-08-13 02:41:31

Ex-Profile Moderator
Carmilla (2016-08-12 17:10:09)
All of these codes are in other guides, if it was reuqested it should've been pmed to said requester, not posted in the public forum.
you give me a rush
(ExoticModz) (2016-08-12 19:46:07)
Aye it was requested by Jokster00 So Ima post it. And some codes arent in the other fourms.
Ex-Profile Moderator
(ExoticModz) (2016-08-13 02:20:47)
πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ the last part is a custom Css3 trust me ive checked.
Ex-Profile Moderator
Carmilla (2016-08-13 03:19:07)
Maybe the last bit. But the point is, if he requested your codes, you should've pmed them to him, not posted it here.
you give me a rush
(ExoticModz) (2016-08-13 08:12:34)
Carmilla we both know im too lazy for that..
Ex-Profile Moderator
NodePoint (2016-08-14 10:33:26)
Mostly a duplicate.

If you can make a thread with a ton of copied and pasted styles with a ton of BBCodes then you can simply send the CSS3 style with very little effort via PM.

It's time to stopβ„’ with the illogical excuses.
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