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need profile coder pls
Started by MushroomMan
(2016-10-13 22:36:38)
MushroomMan (2016-10-13 22:36:38)
hello i need someone to code my profile and make things about me like what i like/dislike and make me some rp characters
Carmilla (2016-10-14 20:24:16)
Talk to a profile moderator, don't let anyone but a profile moderator do your profile.
you give me a rush
AlexAlmighty (2016-11-25 23:05:27)
Some Moderators like to edit your profile without you asking / requesting them. Lol @Carmilla

This post has been edited one or more times, the last time was:
2016-11-25 23:05:59

I'm Alex Almighty.

That's about it.
TheAlexRider (2016-12-16 00:21:24)
Forum moderation can do your profile.

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