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name: DatBoiPBJ (duh)
age: 13
gender: Male
lives: Somewhere in the universe

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People underestimate the game of Minecraft... they think it is just placing and destroying blocks... but its not! I gotta be honest: single player Minecraft is complete ! But multiplayer is awesome! it opens up all new mini-games, gamemodes, and even mods! (gun mods, tnt mods) Now... Its so easy to make a server, and even easier to make one! Now, I'm not saying you have to love Minecraft... but I would like you all to try it once with an open mindset about Minecraft! With today's mods, texture packs, and servers you'll have fun for days! Months! Years! And you'll be open to a door of opportunities!

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Some gamemodes include but are definetly not limited to: Factions; Skyblock; Prison; KitPvP; Minigames. Please see below for in depth game descriptions!

Factions: Factions is a game of creating a (group) and getting your faction to the very top. You can do so with the money system, where you can sell and buy items!

Skyblock: Skyblock is your own pesonal island! when starting a Skyblock island, you will be given materials and an island! build farms, generators, and basically things to sell on your island with the stuff you are given, and sell/buy things in the shop!

Prison: Prison has nothing to do woth a prison... prison is pretty straightforeward! you mine items in /mine and as you mine more you rank up to better mines to get more money.

Minigames: Minigames include short games that only take a couple minutes! These games are fun when you need a break!


Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 6969-6969-6969

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